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New Release and Review: The Maddox Brothers by Ella Jade and Lacey Wolfe

Two bestselling authors, two sexy alpha brothers in one explosive book!

FINALLY! It's release day!

The Maddox Brothers


Get lucky with the Maddox Brothers...

Successful brothers Hudson and Liam Maddox are living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Neither is looking for a relationship, more interested in keeping their single status with the ladies. That all changes when Kennedy and Chelsea enter their lives.

Hudson has been focusing on his career and building a solid business in the real estate industry. The charismatic attorney has recently been named the most eligible bachelor in town. He's never been interested in settling down until he collides with the easygoing Kennedy. She invades his orderly life in a matter of days. Has this carefree younger woman been what's missing in his meticulous world?

Content with his life, Liam has built his own construction business and takes pride from it's excellent reputation. After having his heart broken years ago, he’s decided not to take any relationship too seriously. But then the woman who tore his heart up years ago returns and hires his company for her home renovations. Trying to keep his cool around Chelsea is damn near impossible. All he has to do is complete the renovation and then never see Chelsea again. As if it was that simple.

Contains adult content. Not intended for readers under 18.

Amazing read, I loved how Ella Jade and Lacey Wolfe combined both stories of each brother.  The flow between the brothers in this book was flawless.

Hudson and Liam are brothers who are still playing the field. Hudson hasn't the right girl yet and Liam lost his girl in high school when she left him.  The first half of the book is regarding Hudson written by Ella Jade. 

Hudson is a well know real estate agent and has sold a home to be flipped to Kennedy, but doesn't know that Kennedy is a woman.   When he meets Kennedy sparks fly and he starts inform her that she needs help to do the job as she is losing time and money on the property.  This doesn't sit well with Kennedy and she decides to one up him by bidding at the Bachelor Auction.  However Kennedy becomes jealous when other women want him and puts everything she has to win the bid. 

Now that she has him, should she listen to him or disregard all of his unwanted advice?

Ella writes with such passion and this shows through her characters.  The reader is treated to so very hot passionate scenes with two strong characters. 

Liam's story is the second half of the book written by Lacey Wolfe.

Liam is still bitter about his high school sweetheart - Chelsea leaving him after high school.  However, Hudson sells a house to Chelsea, which is only a few doors down from Liam home, as she has returned home to run the local newspaper.  Liam owns a construction firm and Chelsea must shallow her pride to ask his company to renovate her home. 

The first time they meet at her home, passion takes over Liam and he forbids Chelsea to date another man.  This doesn't set well with Chelsea so she goes on a date with William despite what Liam said.  The sexual tension between gets so bad, that Chelsea goes to Liam and wants a one night stand.   Does this relationship continue after this night or is it enough to get the tension out of their systems?

Lacey is another author who writes excellent hot passionate scenes with strong characters. 

Ella and Lacey have written a wonderful romantic love story regarding the Maddox brothers finding their matches.  Each have their own writing style and have blended together to create an amazing book. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance with hot, sexy and passionate scenes. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

5 Koala Paws

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