Monday, December 26, 2016

Review: Midnight Storm by Dori Lavelle


Dori Lavelle's dark side comes out in full force in Midnight Storm (Amour Toxique Book 2) and I enjoy ever bit of it. If you enjoy a dark read this one is for you, but start with Midnight Scent Book 1 as this is a continuation series with a cliffhanger. 

Midnight Storm starts where Midnight Scent left off as Ivy wakes up to learn she is now married to Judson/Damian. Damian now controls Ivy and makes sure that she will accept their marriage. 

This begins an emotional rollercoaster for Ivy and the reader to see what Ivy will do next. 
The twists and turns in this book held me to the end and OMG!!! What an ending that I craved for more to see what happens next. 

Will Ivy escape from Damian to freedom or is she doomed? 

Damian seems to have a heart deep down, but what turned him into a monster he is now. I feel we will learn more in Midnight Rain (Amour Toxique Book 3). 

Dori's writes to perfection in this series and it's a must read. I can't even fathom where Dori's going to take me next when I read her books. 

Book 2 of Amour Toxique Series
Characters: Ivy strong to some point, but can she overcomes the emotions to survive. Damian is demanding and wants his way or else, but will he push too far. 
Heat: Intense 
Storyline: Excellent, fast paced and dark to the core. 

5 Koala Paws

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