Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Review: Saved by Grace by Amanda Lanclos


Inspirational, realism, emotional and profoundly uplifting is the words I would describe Amanda Lanclos Christian romance. This storyline is literally taken from today's headlines and gives you an insight into how the boys in Blue feel and react to situations they must come across. 

Stark, a cop with a wife (Piper), one child (Lizzie) and one on the way is doing his normal police routine for the evening, when he gets a call that will change his life forever and must a split second choice. A choice of life and death is made and now the consequences are being felt community wide. 

As Stark and his family must deal with the outcome of his choice, he goes through excruciating pain within himself and decides to turn away from those he loves, including God. 

Will Stark find the forgiveness he seeks or continue on a destructive path?

The raw emotions he goes through will tear your heart out, but you are uplifted by the good in people that stand by him. Amanda's writes with such emotion that you feel the anguish that each character goes through, along with the community. 

Love, hate, and forgiveness are wrapped up in one fabulous story and I highly recommend this book that enjoys a Christian romance.

Characters: Passionate, dedicated, and engages the reader's emotions. 
Writing: Smooth, developed, and packed full of emotions.
Storyline: Good and evil regarding choices one has to make whether in the line of duty or within oneself. 

5 Koala Paws

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