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Review: Love Always by Candace Knoebel and Sonya Loveday

Love Always by Candace Knoebel and  Sonya Loveday 


I’ve met boys like him before. Rich. Bored. Always wearing a silver-spooned smile. But there is something different about him that piques my curiosity. The way he looks at me, like he is staring through the bars of a gilded cage he’s never left. Like he is one breath away from suffocating beneath a mound of responsibilities. He is different from the rest because he doesn’t wear his money… his money wears him. I just don’t think he knows it yet. 

She’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She’s everything I’ve never been able to be. Carefree. Whimsical. A dreamer. Her laugh is infectious. She is irresistible. I can’t help but be drawn to her with an intensity that steals my breath and muddles my senses. I want to know her, need to know her, but how can I allow myself that liberty when I don’t have the freedom to make my own choices? 

Phillip and Maggie think they have it all. Even though they come from opposite backgrounds, they each have bright futures paved out, with no distractions holding them back. 

Until the fateful day they meet each other. 

After a brief, adventurous time together in The Hamptons, Maggie and Phillip find themselves saying goodbye just as the spark of love flashes intensely between them. Can their budding connection be enough to survive the pulling tides of change, or will they drift apart before they even have a chance to explore what could have been?


Let me start by how I loved how this story was written. The incorporation of the letters between the two characters within this book kept me involved in the story until the end.

The story evolves around Phillip, rich kid with no backbone - man I wanted to slap him more than once. To be honest, I didn't like him very much in the beginning, but he grew on me. Phillip is on vacation with his parents and Mommy Dearest is controlling his every move including how he dresses and who he sees (Sophia - another piece of work).

Maggie, who is a true free spirit with red hair, is lying down on the baseball court watching the clouds, when Phillips thinks she is hurt and tries to rescue her. He becomes fascinated with her and how free she is, while he has family responsibly that he needs to live up to.

They both feel a pull to each other, but know nothing can happen as he is a rich kid and she is the hired help. Maggie wants Phillip to learn to live and stand on his own, but knows he must discover this himself with her help. They part ways but promise to write each other and never lose contact. Phillip goes to college, while Maggie goes to follow her dream of buying a boat to sail the seas.

The letters are full of hopes, dreams, self - discovery, friendships and love. Until the unthinkable happens when Sophia and Mother Dearest gets their claws into Phillip, then the heartache begins for both Phillip and Maggie. Can they make it pass what happens or does the letters stop and they go their separate ways?

I was taken on an emotional journey and wanted to hurt some characters, but this is what made the story for me as I was so invested into book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance with a twist.

I won a complimentary copy of this book.
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