Friday, September 30, 2016

Review of Sometimes in Autumn by Natalie-Nicole Bates


My rating: 5 of 5 stars 


Natalie writes a beautiful second chance love story in Sometimes In Autumn. 

Bethany has returned home after fifteen years due to her mother suddenly dying. Fifteen years ago she was engaged to Dane, when he called off the wedding to be with another woman that was pregnant by him. Now she must face the memories of the past and get through the pain in the present. 
Bethany has known pain twice now in the last couple of years as her husband was killed in a plane crash. 

Dane, works for his father's funeral home, now divorced he still has feelings for Bethany. His father has become distance due to Dane past marriage and almost losing the business. 

Bethany is barely holding on and collapses during the funeral. This gives Dane a chance to care for her, but his brother Corey also has his eye on Bethany. Dane takes the chance and moves her to recover at his home. 

Can they get past the past and start a future together or does a secret tear them apart again? 

I felt Bethany's pain as she must face saying goodbye to her mother and the uncertainly of the future. Dane seemed to grow on me as he faced what he did in the past and started to look forward to the future. 

If you love emotional second chance love stories, this book is for you and I highly recommend it. 

Characters: Easy to relate to and developed
Writing: Smooth and emotional 

5 Koala Paws




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