Thursday, October 20, 2016

ARC REVIEW ALERT‼️‼️ Lost Girl (The Neverwood Chronicles Book 1) by Chanda Hahn



Lost Girl (The Neverwood Chronicles Book 1) Chanda Hahn


The beautiful cover and the synopsis drew me to this book. I was so excited to get an ARC from Chanda Hahn and the opportunity to read this book.

This is not your typical Neverland story with Peter Pan and Wendy, but looks at their lives after they leave Neverland. Wendy is now a teenage who is plagued with nightmares and shadows that change shapes, but doesn't remember anything from her past.

Peter and his side kicks are chasing the shadows that are plaguing Wendy, but now must try to keep her safe. Can they trust her with their secrets and Neverwood Academy or does she pose a threat to them all?

This is very fast paced with a lot of twists and turns that kept me page turning to the end. Love, adventure, danger and suspense are included in this book. No spoilers as this is too good of a book and a must read to find out what happens between Peter and Wendy.

I can't wait to read Lost Boy Book 2 and Chanda has gained another fan.
I highly recommend this book if you enjoy reading fantasy
I received an ARC from the author and but required to write a review.

Series: The Neverwood Chronicles Book 1
Characters: Enjoyable and balanced for all ages.
Writing: Smooth and developed.
Storyline: Twists and turns that keeps you engaged with the characters.

5 Koala Paws


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