Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: Highlander's Shifter: Time Travel Romance by JoAnne Wadsworth


My rating: 5 of 5 stars 

Oh my, another very hot and sexy Alpha Highlander series with shifters from Joanne Wadsworth.

This book is the first in the series of The Matheson Warriors and I loved how it incorporates the past and the future to get the whole picture. 

Jamie of the Matheson Clan soul mate is Annabella and when Jamie dies in 1211 from a battle wound, she wants to commit suicide to join him in death. Nessa (seer) has seen that Jamie is reborn in the future and tries to prevent Annabella from taking her own life. 

Cherub (Fae Princess) steps in and takes Annabella to beyond the veil so she can be reborn also in the same time period that Jamie is in. However, there is a catch that the person reborn doesn't remember the past. 

Both have been reborn as bear shifters with fae blood and are good friends, but Annabella will find out who her soul mate is during the next full moon. All the unmarried males within the clan hope it is them and are getting very edgy as their bear smells Annabella coming of age for mating. 

As both Jamie and Annabella on a mission the attraction between them is becoming harder to fight. Then both of them have visions of the past which is confusing them both. Annabella pushes Jamie to limits as the sexual tension rises. Can Jamie resist her or cause problems within his own clan?

Once soul mated, always soul mated and this is also true for both of them.
The reader is taken on a journey from the past to the future and back to the past to resolve the unfulfilled bounds between Jamie and Annabella. 

If you enjoy hot and passionate shifters, I highly recommend this book. 

Series: The Matheson Warriors, but can be read as standalone.
Characters: Alpha males with strong female characters.
Writing: Smooth and developed storyline. 
Heat: Sizzling.

5 Koala Paws

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